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  • ROBOTIC SURGERY (prostatectomy, nephrectomy, pyeloplasty adrenal, gland removal, reconstruction of the ureter after accidents, bariatric surgery)

The St. Zdislava Hospital is located in a beautiful landscape in the middle of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Vysočina) and thus offers its patients the best conditions for a quiet recovery. The hospital has become a much sought-after medical facility. The quality of its care draws patients from all over the world. It is one of the few medical facilities in the Czech Republic to have the daVinci robotic system at its disposal and has thus become a specialised robotic surgery centre - the Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre.


The hospital provides a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures using the daVinci robotic system. Operations using the daVinci robot started as early as 2007 in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Since then over 3000 robotic operations have been performed in this hospital. The number of operations performed grows every year and makes the Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre one of the largest centres specializing in robotic surgery in Europe.

The St. Zdislava Hospital is fully accredited by the International Health Quality Association, which also includes Joint Accreditation Commission standards.

Meet our well known professionals

Dr. Jaroslav Tvarůžek

Medical Director and Head of Surgery

  • has been actively engaged in surgery since the early 90s
  • was engaged as a surgeon in Germany fi rst and since 1994 in the Czech Republic
  • was one of the fi rst surgeons to adopt laparoscopic techniques and minimally invasive surgical procedures that were new at that time
  • passed the 1st medical speciality examination in surgery in 1995, the 2nd medical speciality examination in surgery in 1999 and in 2002 he passed the medical speciality examination in vascular surgery
  • he has been developing robotic surgery in the Czech Republic since 2007 and is one of the founders of this method in the Czech Republic. He put together a team of physicians and nurses who have operated on the highest number of patients using the daVinci system every year in the Czech Republic
  • in March 2009 he became a specialist in robotic surgery and he is a recommended surgeon on the US Intuitive Surgical server
  • he operated with his team abroad while introducing robotic surgery methods and is actively engaged in robotic and bariatric surgery
  • operated more than 3000 robotic interventions

Dr. Petr Juda

Head of Orthopedics in the St. Zdislava hospital in Mostiště

  • physician in the Department of Orthopaedics in the Havlíčkův Brod Hospital from 1984, later Deputy Chief Physician
  • physician in the St. Zdislava Hospital in Mostiště since 1998, Chief Physician since 2014
  • performs a broad range of orthopaedic operations (joint replacements, revision operations on joint replacements, arthroscopic operations, leg surgery, benign tumours of bones and locomotor system, sports injuries…)
  • physician of the Men’s National Volleyball Team from 2006 to 2011
  • co-author of the Volleyball Textbook for Youth Coaches
  • Chairman of the Youth Council of the Czech Volleyball Federation and Head of the Youth and Training Section since 2013
  • author of many specialised articles on websites with volleyball and health-related topics

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„I arrived in Prague on 2nd of October and on 27th of Ocotber I’m leaving with new hip joint.„

Graham Normand

„So thank you all for everything, you have done something that I couldn’t or wasn’t offered to me back in the uk, and given me back my life. „

Megan Trinder

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