VAMED Mediterra

VAMED Mediterra is one of the leading private healthcare providers in Central Europe. Throughout the Czech Republic, we operate nine medical facilities and one secondary nursing school.

Our clinics and hospitals cover a wide range of healthcare services, such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, neurology, follow-up care and much more. We also operate The Robotic Surgery Center in Mostiště Hospital, the largest and most experienced center of its kind in the Czech Republic.

We are based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and we regularly keep in touch with our managing teams and medical staff so we are always able to do our best to improve every aspect of your stay.

Czech Republic


Due to its location, the Czech Republic is often referred to as the heart of Europe.

With its rich history, beautiful landscape and astonishing concentration of cultural heritage monuments, castles and châteaux, the country is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

A stable and prosperous EU member, the Czech Republic regularly ranks among the top ten most peaceful countries in the world, making it a very comfortable and safe place to visit.

The Czech Republic is also a modern and progressive nation.

The Czech biochemists have supplied the world with countless practical inventions such as contact lenses, or some of the most groundbreaking and effective treatments for HIV and hepatitis B.

Building on this extensive research and development tradition, the Czech Republic is officially promoted as The Country for the Future, boasting a number of EU’s leading research centers in the area of new technologies and innovations – robotics, laser technology, nanotechnology, 3D printing or AI and VR.

Combine your high-quality medical treatment with a relaxing stay at one of the traditional historical spa towns and you have no reason to go anywhere else.


The Mother of All Cities, The City of a Hundred Spires or The Golden City – throughout its history spanning over a thousand years, the capital of the Czech Republic has been given many names.

Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the world, Prague is a labyrinth of charming medieval streets creating a mysterious, almost fairy-tale-like atmosphere. The Romanesque rotundas, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque churches, Renaissance palaces and Art Nouveau, cubist and purely modern structures greet each other in a unique symbiosis of well-preserved architectural monuments. Overseeing them all is the largest castle complex in the world – Prague Castle.

The historical center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it one of the largest urban conservation areas in the world.

For more than a hundred years, Prague was the seat of The Holy Roman Empire thriving as one of the most prominent metropolises of Europe.

Due to its central location, Prague has always been a cultural and political hub receiving influence from both the East and West. This blend of cultures fuses into a fascinating history full of enlightened kings and emperors, brilliant artists and curious alchemists searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Prague is also a city of many famous names. The magical and surreal feeling of the city affected the entire work of Prague native, Franz Kafka.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a regular guest in Prague and he is even quoted to say that “My people of Prague understand me.” He personally conducted the world premiere of one of the greatest operas of all time – Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre in Prague, the only surviving theatre where Mozart conducted.

Even Albert Einstein himself spent an inspiring and fruitful year in Prague working as a university professor.

Despite its historical background, Prague is still a modern vibrant capital, with every season having something to offer – from countless galleries, museums, gardens and theatres to one of the most beautiful zoos in the world and the charms of the traditional Christmas markets.

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