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  • Personal assistance and a transfer for the first appointment is included in the base price.All transfers between airport/hotel/clinic and a mobile phone with Czech sim-card can be ordered extra.

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  • We will make sure that your treatment is as smooth as possible. During your stay, you will visit the clinic several times. During your free time, you can enjoy beautiful Prague.

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  • After your final medical check-up, you can return back home. After you return home we are still available to he

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  • You are still in a contact with us and we are ready to answer any questions or to advice you recovery methods most suitable for you.


 We are a leading group of hospitals specialised in high quality treatment for excellent prices in a stunning UNESCO city of Prague. Prices of treatment 85% cheaper than in the UK/US/Ireland  Accredited English speaking doctors with international experience  European certified clinics with high-tech equipment  Free medical consultation No waiting lists - complex operations done within 3 weeks  Trouble free - every aspect of your trip is taken care of for you  Combine a Relaxing break with treatment in a beautiful Unesco city.

Infection prevention

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and other HRMO ( Highly Resistant Micro-Organisms) are the most common cause of bacteraemia (the presence of bacteria in the blood) and is the cause of many hospital acquired infections. The Czech Republic has a strict policy when it comes to infection prevention and has taken a systematic approach to prevent the MRSA germ from spreading. MRSA has become an endemic inhabitant of many hospitals all over the world, both overseas and in Europe. The Czech Republic has succeeded in maintaining one of the lowest MRSA rates in the world.
Due to the strict health care regulations you are required to undergo MRSA/HRMO screening upon arrival to the Czech Republic and prior to your admission into the hospital.

More info:
MRSA policy in the Netherlands
Do I need to be tested?
Many people have the MRSA/HRMO germ without ever showing any symptoms. By screening ( performing a simple swab test) before your visit, admission or treatment the presence of the germ can be determined. Special measurements to prevent the spread of the germ are taken if needed.
This will lower the risk of complications and infections during your visit or stay in the hospital.
The test will be performed by a registered nurse in the Czech Republic. The test requires a cotton bud swab over your skin. Swabs may be taken from places, such as your nose, throat, armpits, groin or damaged skin. The test results will be available in a few days and sent to your attending physician.
Your test can be done either upon your arrival at Medical Service at Prague Schiphol Airport (Departue 2). Or at the VAMED Mediterra Hospital during your first medical visit.
This implies that during your hospital adimission you will have to remain in a single room under Contact Precautions. Meaning; all medical and auxiliary staff will be wearing protective clothing when they enter your room and further hygiene measures will be in place to prevent spreading.
You will not be allowed to leave your room unless necessary for medical tests or treatment,  and  only when instructed and supervised by medical and auxiliary staff.
If you have any questions regarding this information please do not hesitate to contact your Care Coordinator.

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