Urology robot surgery


One of the most progressive surgery methods. Our St. Zdislava hospital is one of a few facilities using robot in Czech Republic and Europe. The team of doctors is well experienced with that as they performed over 3000 robotic surgeries.

Advantages of robotic surgery:

  • minimal blood losses
  • gentle handling of tissue and minimal scarring short hospital stay
  • relatively fast surgery
  • minimal impact on sexual functions in males

Operations using the daVinci robot

  • radical prostatectomy - surgical removal of all or part of the prostate gland, due to benign conditions that cause urinary retention, as well as prostate cancer.
  • partial nephrectomy - surgical removal of a kidney tumor along with a thin rim of normal kidney, with the two aims of curing the cancer and preserving as much normal kidney as possible.
  • pyeloplasty adrenal - surgical reconstruction or revision of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney.
  • gland removal
  • reconstruction of the ureter after accidents
  • bariatric surgery - to facilitate weight loss

Most patients operated with the daVinci system underwent radical prostate removal due to malignant tumours. Over 300 such operations are performed per year in our facility. This is more than in the largest urology departments in the Czech Republic.

The fundamental difference between the robotic and classical method is the continuation of a good quality life after the surgery. The patient stays in the hospital four days after the radical prostatectomy surgery is performed with the daVinci robotic system. Then the patient goes home with a urinary catheter which is removed in an outpatient procedure approx. eight days after the surgery. Than the patient urinates alone and controls the sphincter of the urinary bladder.

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Meet our well known professionals

Dr. Jaroslav Tvarůžek

Medical Director and Head of Surgery

  • has been actively engaged in surgery since the early 90s
  • was engaged as a surgeon in Germany first and since 1994 in the Czech Republic
  • was one of the first surgeons to adopt laparoscopic techniques and minimally invasive surgical procedures that were new at that time
  • passed the 1st medical speciality examination in surgery in 1995, the 2nd medical speciality examination in surgery in 1999 and in 2002 he passed the medical speciality examination in vascular surgery
  • he has been developing robotic surgery in the Czech Republic since 2007 and is one of the founders of this method in the Czech Republic. He put together a team of physicians and nurses who have operated on the highest number of patients using the daVinci system every year in the Czech Republic
  • in March 2009 he became a specialist in robotic surgery and he is a recommended surgeon on the US Intuitive Surgical server
  • he operated with his team abroad while introducing robotic surgery methods and is actively engaged in robotic and bariatric surgery
  • operated more than 3000 robotic interventions

Assoc. prof. Jan Dolezel, MD, PhD.,

  • One of the most famous Czech urologist and specialist in robotic surgery and oncology urology
  • Well-experienced specialist with the international practice in USA, Switzerland, Germany, and UK
  • Great specialist with more than 109 research articles in professional medical magazines
  • Performing robotic operations with DaVinci since 2007

Ivan Kolombo, MD, PhD.,

  • A former head of the Urology Department of the Homolce Hospital in Prague
  • A former head of the Urology Clinic at the Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohady in Prague
  • Great specialist with more than 109 research articles in professional medical magazines
  • Performing robotic operations with DaVinci since 2005

MUDr. Azat Chamzin, PhD., FEBU

  • urologist with a decade of practice of daVinci robot. operates since 2008.

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