Rehabilitation & recovery


Comprehensive rehabilitative care is provided by a team composed of rehabilitation physicians, orthopaedists, neurologists, internists and other medical specialists as needed, physiotherapists, a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist, nurses and other nu rsing personnel.


  • Conditions after orthopaedic operations (e.g. total knee and hip joint replacement)
  • Post-trauma conditions
  • Painful conditions of the locomotor system
  • Conditions after strokes
  • Other neurological diagnoses
  • Conditions after amputations of extremities (linked with walking training)


You will get individual physiotherapy as well as a group exercises. Individual physiotherapy is built on the modern rehabilitation concept and applies principles of clinical neurophysiology and developmental kinesiology. Group exercises are an important part of the rehabilitation care. Exercises are led by an experienced physiotherapist.

A broad spectrum of aquatic therapies and the fully equipped electrotherapy are used within the comprehensive care of our clients.

A gym is also available to our clients. Exercises are done under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist and are focussed on the individual clients’s needs.

Meet our well known professionals

Dr. Libor Musil

Head of Rehabilitation

  • studied at the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Pilsen
  • he worked as a physician in the Prague Central Military Hospital and as a neurologist and rehabilitation physician in the Centre for Locomotor System Medicine (Centrum pohybové medicíny) in Prague
  • since 2013 he has been Head of Rehabilitation in the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic
  • in 2007 he was awarded a prize by the Czech Neurological Society for the best thesis in clinical practice and case research
  • actively contributes articles and materials to medical journals, took several courses, e.g. diagnosis and treatment of pain in rehabilitation, comprehensive EMG II, developmental kinesiology in manual medicine. Main physician of the sledge hockey national team
  • main physician of the sledge hockey national team; regularly attending the Paralympic games as a main doctor

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Testimonials & Reviews

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„I arrived in Prague on 2nd of October and on 27th of Ocotber I’m leaving with new hip joint.„

Graham Normand

„So thank you all for everything, you have done something that I couldn’t or wasn’t offered to me back in the uk, and given me back my life. „

Megan Trinder

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