International patient program

VAMED Mediterra

International patient program

is a specialized treatment and assessment program for VIP patients. This program combines the highest-quality of the healthcare, caregiving and living standards for demanding customers. The program aims to bring the best standard to a broad group of patients looking for high-end but affordable treatment abroad.

One of the best

There are only two hospitals and one clinic included in this program. The Malvazinky Clinic as one of the best orthopedic and rehabilitation clinic in the Czech Republic. The Hospital of St. Zdislava in Mostiste with one of the most experienced robotic surgery clinics in Europe. The Gynecology and obstetric hospital in Neratovice as one of the best gynecological clinic in the Czech Republic.

The strict criteria of hospital selection is a guarantee of the high success rate of treatment, high levels of medical, religious and personal safety. The Czech Republic is the 7th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index 2018 released by an international and independent non-profit think tank. Living safety defines that there's low risk of army attack. Religious safety determines that you are not limited to your religion. The Czech Republic is very open-minded and accepts different religious, which don't endanger human rights and democracy. Cosmopolitan cultural mix in Prague is a guarantee of peaceful and friendly atmosphere during treatment

Wide range of treatments

Medical safety is determined by hygiene, ethics, responsibility, justice and reliable medical and emergency background. This form of the safety means that your life and future quality of life will not be unexpectable limited after treatment.

Our customers can choose in a wide range of orthopedic surgery treatment, specialized post-surgery, post-trauma and neurorehabilitation and comprehensive physiotherapy, oncological robotic surgery performed via DaVinci robot, gynecology surgery, bariatrics and oncological preventive checkup.

Our patients can choose a form of treatment, and all additional service during it too. Time spent in the hospital is decreasing to the minimum and rest of the time is spent at the best hotels according to patient expectancy with daily limousine transport between the hotel and the clinic. Accompanying persons can define their daily program with rich cultural, shopping or any other different activities available in nearby areas of the clinic.

Affordable price, high level of medical and living service, an uncountable amount of daily activities for accompanying person are the values which make the International Patient Program at Vamed Mediterra attractive for hundreds of patients every year.