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If you have never visited a hospital overseas, don’t hesitate. We help international patients from all over the world every day. Our experience lies in a full-service support in your patient journey. This page summarizes how you must prepare your outbound medical travel.

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  • Each country has different visa application procedures. Patients and any travel companions are responsible for obtaining the appropriate travel documentation.

    Depending on your nationality and length of stay, you will either need a short or a long stay (>90 days) visa. EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals may travel to the Czech Republic without a visa.

    Non-EU and EEA nationals will require a tourism or residence visa. For more information visit this website by the Czech government.

    Please note that you should apply for your visa well in advance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your visa, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist with obtaining an appointment confirmation letter if needed for your visa application.

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    Finance and health insurance

  • It is important to prepare the financial details of your trip. If you have health insurance, please call your insurance company before arriving in the Czech Republic. Your insurance company will start the financial clearance process.

    Whether you are covered by insurance or a self-paying customer, we will help ensure that the billing and payment process runs smoothly.

    Your personal Care Coordinator will prepare an estimate of total cost and guide you trough the financial requirements. The total cost estimate includes the medical treatment at VAMED Mediterra Hospitals and the international patient service fee.

    Please note that the full amount of total costs must be paid in advance upon your arrival in the Czech Republic.

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    Travel insurance

  • Please note that travel insurance is mandatory. Patients are responsible to arrange the needed insurances.

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Our team will support you with a seamless travel experience. We are dedicated to make your journey effective and convenient.


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